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Dr Geethalakshmi provides comprehensive health care for all patients. Each patient will be given one to one care and their doubts will be clarified with scientific evidence.

She has been doing Homeopathic practice since 11 years. She has finished her B.H.M.S(Bacheolar of Homeoapthic Medicine and Surgery)from Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Science. Prior to start her own clinic practice she worked in coroperate homeopathic clinics in Dr Batras and Dr Manus Homeopathy as a Homeopathic Consultant.
She underwent training in PREDICTIVE HOMEOPATHY,GERMAN NEW MEDICINE,BACH FLOWER REMEDIES under the guidance of eminent doctors.
Dr Geethas Homeopathy was formerly Franchise of Dr Manus Homeopathy

Treatment for patients of any age with any condition

Genes are a programming of physical and emotional traits. You can know what the genes are expressing by delving into the symptoms of the patient. HOMEOPATHIC medicines have an effect at the level of genetic expression.Homeopathy goes to the root of the problem; right to the patient’s genes and treats it with precise and unique way.Many homeopathic medicines are used in which the dilutions exceed Avogadro’s number (6.023×10−23). When homeopathic medicines are diluted 1:10 with repeated succession and dilutions at least 24 times, a potency is made that is so dilute that the chances of a single molecule of the original drug substance remaining in the volume are less than 1×10−10. High dilutions of homeopathic medicines have been effective in treating many conditions following the concept of homeopathic cure.

Homeopathic medications not only relieve common and acute problems of children but also prevent recurrent episodes of ill-health.Recurrent tonsillitis,enlarged Adenoids, Bedwetting,Allergies,Asthma,Bronchitis,Diarrhea,
Constipation and many more illnesses can be safely and effectively treated with Homeopathy. Emotional and Behavioral disorders such as Anxiety,Depression, Defiant or Aggressive behaviour can also be treated with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy can offer help in many situations which otherwise might cause prolonged incapacity.Cervical or Lumbar spondylosis,Backache,Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Carpal tunnel, and numerous other common aliments…
Most of these are chronic conditions and require lifestyle changes with diet modifications, exercises, and weight management. This is where Homoeopathy plays a significant role in these conditions, where the disease is controlled over a period of time with the restoration of improved quality of life.

In autoimmune disease, the organism is depleted; the capacity to self-heal, gone. The body, in essence, is fighting itself, and energies are not focused in a restorative direction. It is for this reason that autoimmune patients do not respond to remedies in expected ways.
we work not only at the root of disease, but also always consider obstacles to cure, educating our patients way beyond the edge of the pill bottle.

Skin is a complex organ that has a multiplicity of functions.The internal and external causes of skin disease are actually more important than the identity of the colonising organism. If the primary cause is corrected, then the body will throw off the infection without the need for pharmaceuticals. There may however be occasions when the problem is so severe that a little help is needed.Skin problems not only affect the appearance but also affect your self-confidence and quality of life.Homeopathy is a safe option for treating skin diseases as it treats it without side-effects.

The liver is the powerhouse of the body. Its primary role is the synthesis of fuel components for use by other organs. Its function is to control carbohydrate metabolism, lipid (fatty acid) metabolism, protein metabolism and bile secretions. One of its most important roles is carbohydrate storage/metabolism that is the monitoring and stabilising of blood glucose levels.Homeopathic prescribing can achieve stunning, unexpected results. Stomach and digestive problems spare no person. At times, the stomach disorder is of a short duration and at other times longer. Both stomach and digestive problems indicate that there is something inherently out of order and the body needs immediate help. The discomfort that accompanies stomach and digestive problems can hinder life’s activities and become an embarrassment too. Homeopathy has a cure for both stomach and digestive problems.

Constitution and Constitutional approaches in Homeopathy
Constitution is defined as the structure, composition, physical make up or nature of a person, comprising inherited qualities and modified by the environment. The English word, constitution, comes from the Latin root, constituere, which means constitutes: to set up, to establish, to form or make up, to appoint to give being to.
In homoeopathy, the choice of remedy is based on a consideration of the totality of an individual’s symptoms and circumstances, including personality, behaviours, fears, responses to the physical environment, food preferences and so on.
Men’s health issues including BPH, prostatitis, sexual health & testicular disorders treated with a homeopathic approach.

People often ask me if homeopathy can do anything for hormonal problems, and I have to tell them, “Yes, indeed, it can.” In fact, more often than not, the health problems that women experience are related to hormonal imbalances, whether they are headaches that occur right around the time the period is due, to heightened emotional sensitivity, leading to angry outbursts or crying spells premenstrually, to the hot flashes of menopause. Joint pains, gastrointestinal problems and innumerable symptoms and states in between, may also be hormonally influenced. These problems are all amenable to homeopathic treatment.Homeopathy offers endless possibilities for women’s health like Premenstrual Syndrome
Cysts & Fibroids
Endometriosis,Fertility and Contraception,Menopause,Osteoporosis.Homeopathy is beneficial for the full range of emotional, mental and physical problems that a woman is likely to experience throughout her life.

 Homeopathic medicines are most effective when they are prescribed for the unique syndrome of symptoms the sick person has, not just the name of the disease she/he has. People who suffer from severe allergy to odour, smoke, pollutants, pollen, mould and house dust mite (HDM) rarely breathe easy. Nor do their parents who worry over their child’s every breath. Homeopathy has safe, long-lasting and side-effect free solution for both upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract infections like Allergic Rhinitis,Sinusitis,Bronchitis,Copd,Asthma,Tuberculosis…
Homeopathic treatment when given for a sustained period of time brings down the intensity, frequency and duration of attacks. It also helps in building up self-immunity.

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